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4 Steps of the Ideal Year of Scouting: Scouts BSA

Planning Your Program

  • Use the Troop Program Features (Vol. I, II, III) to make your planning easier

  • Determine what advancements each Scout will need for their next rank

  • Decide what activities the Scouts will do

  • Decide what camping opportunities to participate in

  • Plan to do at least one service project for your charter partner or community

  • Plan the meeting dates

  • Recognize those Scouts who advance

Funding Your Program

  • Complete the budget planning worksheet to find the total cost of your program and how to fund it.

  • Determine expenses

  • Determine income

  • Determine fundraising needed to cover expenses

Growing Your Program

  • Set a goal and plan to recruit new members from Cub Scout packs 

  • Utilize peer-to-peer recruitment and have Scouts bring their non-Scout friends to meetings and activities
  • Recruit new parents and communicate your plan to Scout families

  • Conduct a Troop Open House

Training Your Leaders
Every Scout deserves a trained leader.

  • What it means to be a trained leader

  • Information on basic leader training (the bare minimum)
  • Information on supplemental training



These tools will make it easier to create newsletters, revise calendars, keep youth members and families informed, and help youth members manage the troop more effectively and efficiently.


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Program Planning Budgeting Marketing
Troop Annual Program Planning Conference Guide
Ideal Year of Scouting: Unit Program Planning Guide
Troop Calendar Template

Leader Program Notebook
Program Planning Chart
Planning Your Pack's Annual Program Budget 
Troop Operating Budget Worksheet 
PDF Excel 
Guides to Unit Money-Earning Projects
Unit Public Relations
News Release Guidelines

Unit Marketing (Social Media and Website)