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4 Steps of the Ideal Year of Scouting: Cub Scouts

Planning Your Program

  • Review the new Cub Scout program rank requirements.

  • Determine what advancements each Scout will need for their next rank.

  • Recognize those Scouts who advance.

  • Decide what activities the Scouts will do.

  • Decide what camping opportunities to participate in.

  • Plan to do at least one service project for your charter partner & partner school.

  • Plan the meeting dates.

Funding Your Program

Complete the budget planning worksheet to find the total cost of your program and how to fund it.

  • Determine your expenses and income.

  • Determine fundraising needed to cover expenses. (Be sure to take in account recognition costs associated with the new Cub Scout program.

Growing Your Program
  • Plan to recruit for a 5% increase in Scout membership.

  • Plan to recruit a Pack Committee & Den Leaders.

  • Communicate your plan to your Scout families.

  • Plan the meeting dates.

Training Your Leaders

Every Scout deserves a trained leader. 

  • What it means to be a trained leader

  • Information on basic leader training (the bare minimum)
  • Information on supplemental training


These tools should make it easier to have up-to-date newsletters and calendars ready when you need them.

Cub Scouts    
Program Planning Budgeting Marketing
Family Talent Survey & Parent Participation Form

Guides to Unit Money-Earning Projects

GRC Online Unit Money Earning Application Form

Unit Public Relations
News Release Guidelines

Unit Marketing (Social Media and Website)