In late September each unit received your Unit Access Code in an e-mail (sent to Unit Committee Chair, Charter Org. Rep, and Unit Leader), which is needed to recharter online. Unit Access Codes will also be available by calling the Scout Office at 573-449-2561 if you need it again.

Charter month


Begin work date

Due to Council office

Registration &
Boys' Life Fees


Five Rivers, Osage Trails, Kinderhook, Boonslick, Grand Prairie, Mark Twain, and Black Diamond

October 1

December 15

$24 registration
$12 Boys' Life

All units will expire December 31, 2016.

NOTE: Unit charters must be received by the council office by the 15th of the December to all time to be processed by the 12/31/16 expiration date.  If they are not turned in on time and your unit lapses/drops because of it, you will:

  • Need to cease all Scout meetings and activities becasue of potential insurance lapses
  • No longer be covered on our Accident, Sickness, and Liability Insurance Policies in the case of an accident or incident
  • Not be able to process rank advancements or awards at the Scout Shop/Office
  • Not be able to purchase the awards/advancements that have been earned but not reported

Instructions to Complete the Annual Re-Charter

Click here to begin. You can go the the tutorial first if you wish. Follow the instructions through the process. If you encounter a problem, stop and call the council office, you can come back and start from where you left off. Your work to that point is automatically saved. When finished click "submit to the council" and print your report.

Below are documents for both reference and completion.

After you complete your online rechartering, print the required forms below that you need to turn in to the council office along with your charter fees. If you have youth that are receiving financial assistance from the council, please bring a copy of their approval letter with your completed charter paperwork.


In an effort to ensure Scouts are in a safe environment the following steps are being taken:

  • YPT is REQUIRED for all adult leaders and must be completed every two years per BSA policy.
  • Make sure that every adult leader has CURRENT YPT BY December 15, 2016 (this includes having their Member ID number linked to their personal profile in their My.Scouting.org account) in order to receive credit for that training course.
  • Scout Leaders that do not have a CURRENT Youth Protection Training WILL BE DROPPED on December 15, 2016 AND NOT re-registered for 2017.
  • A completed, new BSA Adult Application (with approval signatures) and proof of YPT will be required in order to add that leader back into their unit/position after December 15, 2016 even if they are on the re-chartering roster that is turned in (since they were deleted on 12/15/2016  
    • Units will likely access the Internet Re-Chartering portal prior to this deadline and thus the unit roster will be loaded with leaders that do not have current Youth Protection Training. If a leader is turned in on a re-charter roster that has been deleted because of failure to complete Youth Protection Training by the deadline, the individual and/or unit will be in a defective status in which case the charter may be held up from processing until the Youth Protection is taken if that leader is in a key leadership role (Charter Org. Rep, Committee Chair, one of 2 Members of the Committee, Unit Leader, and the sole Den Leader in a pack.    
Re-Charter Reference Materials
Letter to Charter Org. Rep/Committee Chairmen/Unit Leaders (FYI-Important)
Journey to Excellence-What's In It For Me? (FYI)
Documents Required with Annual Charter
The Annual Charter Agreement (Required)
Youth Protection Training (Required for each leader every two years)
Public School Partner Consent Form 
(Columbia only)-not mandatory but VERY helpful for us to be able to quantify how well Scouts are doing in school compared to non-scouts.
Adult Application (when necessary)
Youth Application (when necessary)
Veteran Application (when appropriate)
Program Grant Application (when financial assistance is needed for individuals)


  • Unit Training Report and Unit Roster are available by going to http://my.scouting.org and logging in with your www.myscouting.org username and password. NOTE: The Charter Org. Representative, Committee Chair, and Unit Leader (Cubmaster, Scoutmaster, Crew Advisor, and Varsity Coach) are the only ones with my.scouting.org access to these files.
  • The printed charter will tell you which adults and youth require an application.
  • Many of the forms above will need to be signed by the institutional head or charter representative of your chartering organization and the unit leader.
  • All forms must be turned in with your printout, along with proper signatures and charter fees to insure that your charter is processed in a timely manner. Please use single sided documents as they must be scanned to the BSA National Office.
  • All this takes time so start your rechartering October 1st! If you have any questions contact the Council Service Center at (573) 449-2561.
  • NOTE: Please check all addresses and phone numbers (email addresses for leaders) to make sure they are correct.
  • Healthcare USA will pay the registration fee of those children that belong to that organization. Contact Healthcare USA at 800-566-6444 to get the form to submit with your charter. Missouri Care will also pay the registration fee. Contact them at 800-322-6027 for full details.
  • Charter certificates, membership cards, and rosters will be sent to the Unit Leader of each unit. Unit leaders should coordinate with their Unit Commissioner to arrange a time with their chartering organization for presentation.