Eagle Scout Day at the Capital is this Monday, so we want to pass along some important information and reminders regarding the event.

Plan to arrive early.

Due to construction at the capitol, parking will be limited near the building. It is a not a city observed holiday, so parking meters will be enforced. As it is a state holiday, parking west of the Truman Building in Lots 9 & 10 will be available.

See this map for parking information https://capitol.mo.gov/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/Capitol-Area-Parking-Diagram.pdf

Entrance to the capitol is restricted to the public security entrance on the first floor on the south side. This entrance is also known as the carriage tunnel entrance, and it faces High Street.

See this map https://mcp.dps.mo.gov/img/capitol-public-entrances-diagram.jpg

The entrance is staffed by security personnel utilizing both magnetometers and X-ray conveyors for security screening. Please be ready to remove any metal from your person and have any items you bring in with you inspected. Refrain from bringing knives and

This year’s event is the largest we have hosted at the capitol. To ensure the event goes smoothly for you, please be aware there will be a 3-4 block walk from the parking lot. In addition, there may be lines at the security entrance and at check in.

By arriving early, you will have an opportunity to visit your state representative or senator’s office, tour the State Museum, and view the priceless artwork throughout the building.

At 10:30 AM check in will be open. By 11:45 AM Eagle Scouts should be lined up at the entrance to the House chambers in the third-floor rotunda. Visitors are encouraged to be in the House gallery, which has entrances on the 4th floor, by noon. There will be standing room capacity in the galleries for this ceremony, as seating in this space is limited.

The reception following the ceremony will take place in the 3rd floor rotunda. This is a standing only reception at which appetizers and drinks will be served. Please remember a Scout is courteous as we have over 700 people attending. We will have servers for the food, but the lines will initially be long.

We are excited to have the Governor address the Eagle Scouts, and we look forward to hosting you in our State Capital on Monday.