For this re-charter cycle, charters can be completed, submitted, paid for, and approved ALL ONLINE. YES!! Finally! 

Please find attached a PowerPoint to better understand the process when a unit enters their online Charter Renewal. This should help to answer some of the questions that you may have in regards to the process. The Renewal is now approved by the CR or IH only and does not need any additional approval signatures. This is also effective for hardcopies of Renewals that are submitted by the unit and turned into the council. So turning in a printed copy is still okay. If a CC or Unit Leader submits the online renewal, they will need to save the renewal and contact the IH or CR  and let them know that their digital signature is required in order to submit (complete) the unit.  If they do not pay online or do not digitally sign the renewal application, they will need to bring payment and a signed hardcopy into the council before the unit can be posted. As it has been for the past few years, we will not send paper copies of the re-charter to be completed rather the online system is the method to complete it, now you just have an online and a printed version option for submission.

For units that have Scouts that are receiving financial assistance from the Council for registration dues. You have a few options on how to take care of their payments for 2018. 

1. The unit can cover the fees and the Council will reimburse the unit (back to their registration account in the scout shop) for the boys that have approved financial assistance forms. 

2. You can choose not to pay online and print the charter (once it is completed with the approval signature) and come in to the office and the Council will take payment for the portion that the pack would have due and the Council will cover the boys with approved financial assistance. 

Sonya Collier, towards the end of September and periodically after that will be sending emails to units that have Scouts on the financial assistance list so you can plan accordingly for payment using one of the two options above. 

Note, Online rechartering should go live on October 1st. All units when you go to recharter your unit this year will click the “new user” button the first time you logon and then if you have to save and come back you will have to login as a returning user. Returning user doesn’t mean, “I did this recharter last year and I am returning this year”. It means, “I started this year already as new and now I am coming back to finish.”

We will have access codes to you in due time. 

As we get more information, we will keep you informed.

Thanks for your commitment to Scouting! 

The GRC Team

2017 Internet Rechartering Update 09.2017.pdf