1. Update your Unit Pin on your http://my.scouting.org account (under Legacy Web Tools) and then answer the settings questions under Organization Manager. Turning your Pin to active under apply status turns on your ability to accept online registrations. Only Cubmaster, Committee Chair, and Chartered Organization Reps can do this.  


2. Under the Invitation Manager and the URL Button share, copy and share your unit URL via social media to generate interest in joining your pack (have to be set up to accept online registrations to do this). Doing this drives new parents directly to the online registration site to sign up. Only Cubmaster, Committee Chair, and Chartered Organization Reps can access the link but anyone can share it if they know it. 


3. Submit your flyer/poster request online form at by August 15th so we can print flyers and posters for you. Click here for the link. 


4. Turn in the goal sheet to your DE so they can note your goal and how you plan to execute your fall recruitment. This will also tell us which schools you want to recruit from. 


5. Distribute the Join Scouting business cards to your current Scouts so they can begin peer to peer recruitment to earn their "Recruiter" patch. 


6. Meet with your leaders and plan out your School Night to Join Scouting. What will the actual night look like? Here is the guide!


7. Plan your program for the year, create a calendar and a budget and be prepared to distribute at your recruitment. Here are some awesome resources for program planning.


8. Secure space at the Back to School/Meet The Teacher Nights leading up to school starting. This should be for exposure and not to serve as your recruitment (but yes you can accept apps that night) 


9. Work with your DE to set up the times to do the Boy Talks in the schools. 


10. Have fun. Recruiting more boys into the Scouting program is a blast if done right. Enjoy it. 


11. BONUS--if you missed our first four SNJS Kickoffs please plan to attend Saturday Aug. 12 from 9 AM-11 AM at Father Tolton Catholic High School in Columbia. 


Contact Bryon Haverstick with additional questions at bryon.haverstick@scouting.org 


School Night to Join Scouting is brought to you by Thaddeus Usovsky!