The Doroghazi Eagle Scout Award is $10,000 given to young men who received their Eagle Scout in the Great Rivers Council. This year’s Awards will be presented at a ceremony on Saturday, August 11 at the University Club in Columbia.

The intent of this award is to recognize and reward Eagle Scouts for their hard work, thrift, and continued success as they enter adult life. Outstanding achievement in any field will be recognized, with preference is given to those who will be tomorrow’s leaders in Business, Science, Finance, Engineering and the professions of Medicine & Law, and who have served in the Armed Forces, it is not a STEM award. Applications are encouraged from those in the Visual and Performing Arts, the Media, Education, Journalism, Accounting and Sports.      


2017 Recipients:

Jordan Occena, Andrew Turner, & James Weagley

2016 Recipients:

Samuel Bergin, Cole Pruitt, & Kevyn Wiskirchen

2015 Recipients:

Zachary Brown, Allen Cowherd, & Arthur Jago

2014 Recipients:

Matthew Coudron, Frank Foss, & Lucas Tucker

2013 Recipients:

Jacob Dey, Ian Faust, & Ryan Occena

2012 Recipients:

Evan Cameron, Todd Gingrich, & Andrew Reiff