School Night to Join Scouting

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School Night to Join Scouting, SNJS, as it will be referred to, is a recruiting event held at every elementary school to give the youth served by that school an opportunity to join Cub Scouts. It is a cooperative effort between our district membership teams and our pack leadership. Join Scouting Night should be a fun informative night for prospective families. The goal for the evening is to register youth in Cub Scouts.

SNJS can occur throughout the year particularly in the Spring and the Fall. SNJS should not take place on the same night as “Back to School Night", otherwise known as open house or meet the teacher night, or the monthly pack meeting.

For many parents, this is the first experience they have with Scouting, so their initial impression is crucial. If parents leave with from a bad experience they may never give scouts another chance. For this reason we all need to work hard to ensure that the new families feel welcomed and informed. Remember, parents trust us with their most precious treasures- their children. We must always do our best to meet their highest expectations.

Our School Nights to Join Scouting are noted in the chart below. Online registration links by Cub Scout Pack, contact information, and more will be available over the summer. In the meantime, if you have questions, contact the Scout Office at 573-449-2561 Ext. 203 or email Bryon.Haverstick@Scouting.org. 

District (Counties) School Night to Join Scouting
Kinderhook District (Morgan, Miller, and Camden)
Grand Prairie District (W. Monroe, Randolph, Callaway, Audrain, Montgomery, Pike)
Tue. Aug. 29
Boonslick District (Cooper, Boone, Howard) Thu. Aug. 31
Five Rivers District (Cole, Osage, Gasconade, Moniteau, and Maries)
Osage Trails District (Chariton, Saline, Pettis, and Benton)
Thu. Sep. 7
Mark Twain District (Ralls, Lewis, E. Monroe, and Marion)
Black Diamond District (Schuyler, Sullivan, Putnam, Adair, Scotland, Knox, Linn, Macon, and Shelby)
Online registration is coming very soon! 
Unit Key 3 (Committee Chair, Unit Leader [Cubmaster, Scoutmaster, Venturing Advisor], and Chartering Organization Representative received this email on 5/23/2017 informing them to create/edit their My.Scouting account. More information to come!


All Cub Scout Packs should plan to attend one of the Unit SNJS Kickoffs in the flyer below! 

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The Hallsville, Mexico, Columbia, and Fulton School Districts are moving to an e-flyer system called PeachJar. Cub Scout Packs will still submit a request to our office with what they want on the flyer and then we will submit that to PeachJar for approval and distribution. This will save us over $1,000 in printing costs along with time spent delivering, sorting, and distributing flyers. The method in which to request those flyers is still being determined but will be ironed out in the next 30 days in preparation for the Council School Night to Join Scouting Kickoff in mid-June! We know Columbia Public School parents received an email regarding this on 5/17/17. 

Here is what you can expect for your unit’s fall recruiting:

  1. We will still create a “flyer”, but it will be delivered electronically through Peachjar.
  2. The specific details are still being developed, but we will provide units with a template for use in giving us all the pertinent information for their school-night “flyer”
  3. Flyer “uploads” will be coordinated through the office via an account we have already set up with Peachjar.  Packs SHOULD NOT create their own account and pay for this service!
  4. We will still be able to use posters and yardsigns, and be able to conduct boy-talks prior to school-nights
  5. The use of Peachjar will dovetail very nicely with the upcoming online registration system from BSA.

Much more detail will be forthcoming during our school night training later this summer.


2016 SNJS Resources are shown below. 2017 documents will be updated in mid-June.

SNJS Support Documents

SNJS Kickoff Powerpoint

Principal Visits and Boy Talks

Parent Orientation Guide

School Night to Join Scouting Guide 2016

Back of Recruitment Flyer

Parent Talent Survey

Parent Orientation Meeting Agenda/Talking Points

SNJS Sign In Sheet (word document)

Be A Scout Unit Pin/Lead Instructions


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