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Welcome to www.IWanttoBeACubScout.org. You have found us becasue you have seen us on TV, heard us on the radio, received a flyer, found Ethan (our cardboard spokesperson), or stumbled upon us because, well, YOU WANT TO BE A CUB SCOUT!!
The Cub Scouting program is uniquely designed to meet the needs of young boys and their parents, through offering fun and challenging experiences that boys and parents do together. From this page you can find a unit to register in, find a sign up night to go to, or read some awesome stories about how great Scouting is! (Don't just take our word for it)
 Here are some FACTS about Scouting! 

Online registration is live!
The following units/Packs allow Online Registrations as of 7/20/17. You can click on the unit name to go register for that unit NOW! For more metro areas like Columbia, Jefferson City, Mexico, Sedalia, and other communities where the is more than one pack, you do not have to go to a particular pack even though your Cub Scout goes to that school. We want you to attend the best pack for you and your Cub Scout to maximize your experience. If you have a friend in another pack but they go to a different school, by all means, go join with them. 
If you would like additional unit options, you can click the "This is Scouting" image below and search units near your address. For those that do not allow online registrations, you will be submitting a lead and they will follow up with steps to take to get registered.  NOTE: If you register online you will have to pay with a credit card. They will charge you a prorated amount from now until the end of the year ($2 per month) for registration and $1 per month for Boys' Life Magazine if you choose to subscribe (you opt out in the registration site). Example: If you sign up on September 15, you will pay $2 for September, October, November, and December or $8; $12 if you chose to subscribe to Boys' Life Magazine.  Since Scouting is year long program, the prorated amount will cover your Scout until the end of 2017. You will be asked by your Cub Scout Pack to pay your dues for 2018 in (October-December) as they complete their annual re-charter ($24 for registration and $12 for Boys' Life). They may have additional Pack dues that they charge as well to offset expenses but those are on a pack by pack basis (some packs do not charge additional fees). The registration fees and Boys' Life fees do not stay local, they both go to the BSA in Irving, TX.  
Grand Prairie Pack 32 Auxvasse Lions Club Elizabeth Akers elizabethakers27@yahoo.com Auxvasse
Black Diamond Pack 41 General Blackjack Pershing VFW Post 4557 Robert Frock cubmaster41@icloud.com Brookfield
Boonslick Pack 257 Memorial Baptist Church Jennifer Market jlmarket@juno.com Columbia Benton Elem. And Lee Elem.
Boonslick  Pack 708 Scouting Parents for Paxton Keeley Jason Furrer furrerj@health.missouri.edu Columbia, Paxton Keeley Elem
Boonslick Pack 909  Battle Elementary PTA Tracy Keel tcookiebear@hotmail.com Columbia; Battle Elem. And Two Mile Prairie Elem. 
Boonslick Pack 58 Beulah Ralph Elementary PTA Bryon Haverstick bryon.haverstick@scouting.org Columbia; Beulah Ralph; Kids from any school are welcome!
Boonslick Pack 7 New Horizons Methodist Church  Melissa Myers mja.myers@gmail.com Columbia; Cedar Ridge Elem. and New Haven Elem.
Boonslick Pack 992 - Derby Ridge Elementary Brent Brown  992packcubmaster@gmail.com Columbia; Derby Ridge 
Boonslick Pack 703 - Fairview Elementary Patrick Kirchhoefer kirchhoeferpat@yahoo.com Columbia; Fairview Elem. 
Boonslick Pack 6 - Our Lady Of Lourdes Jesse Bexten jesse.bexten@gmail.com Columbia; Our Lady of Lourdes 
Boonslick  Pack 2 - Ridgeway & Grant Elem. Amanda Fues amandafues@hotmail.com Columbia; Ridgeway Elem. and Grant Elem. 
Boonslick  Pack 60 Rock Bridge Elementary Thaddeus Stubbs thaddeusstubbs@yahoo.com Columbia; Rock Bridge Elem.
Boonslick Pack 700 Trinity Presbyterian Church Jason Mayer jason@milconsystems.com Columbia; Russell Blvd Elem.
Kinderhook Pack 14 Eldon VFW Post #2442 Seann Tull scouts.pack14@gmail.com Eldon; South School, Upper Elem.
Grand Prairie Pack 52 Kiwanis Club of Fulton Misty Maupin misty_whitworth@hotmail.com Fulton; Bartley Elem. 
Grand Prairie Pack 50 Fulton Breakfast Optimist Club Ariel Van Doorne randj922@yahoo.com Fulton; Bush Elem. And St. Peters, Kingdom Christian
Grand Prairie Pack 55 Fulton Breakfast Optimist Club Matt Kuhl  mkuhl01@gmail.com Fulton; McMillian Elem.
Boonslick  Pack 64 Glasgow Lions Club  Jessica Schaefer jschaefersms@gmail.com Glasgow 
Five Rivers Pack 105 Cedar Hill PTO Daniel Weitkamp djweit@live.com Jefferson City; Cedar Hill Elem.
Five Rivers Pack 0011 Moreau Heights School PTO Bryan Stevens bryan@casaloca.com Jefferson City; Moreau Heights Elem. 
Five Rivers Pack 3 Pioneer Trail PTA  Pam Harlan stuart.pam@gmail.com Jefferson City; Pioneer Trail Elem.
Five Rivers  Pack 4 Holy Name Society of St Peter's Paul Vassos cubmasterpack4@yahoo.com Jefferson City; St. Peters Elem.
Five Rivers Pack 332 Wardsville Lions Club Jason Joiner pack332wardsville@gmail.com Jefferson City; Wardsville Elem.
Five Rivers  Pack 20 West School Parent Teachers Association Brad Kellerman  bradleykellerman@hotmail.com Jefferson City; West School 
Black Diamond Pack 401 Mary Immaculate Catholic Church Jim McCormick jmccormi@truman.edu Kirksville; all schools 
Black Diamond Pack 404 First United Methodist Church Gregory Marshall gmarsh@gmail.com Kirksville; all schools 
Mark Twain Pack 173 La Grange Lions Club Tiffany Blickhan ambulancedriver15@yahoo.com La Grange
Kinderhook Pack 21 Lake Ozark Christian Church Anthony Bonney tonybonney1990@yahoo.com Lake Ozark
Osage Trails Pack 33 Lincoln Chamber Of Commerce Nathan Lines nlines01@hotmail.com Lincoln
Five Rivers Pack 17 St George Catholic Church Lori Greer moonlightdent2@gmail.com Linn
Five Rivers Pack 333 Jefferson City Breakfast Lions Club Sheila Schaffer lawsonlionspack333@gmail.com Lohman; Lawson Elem.
Black Diamond Pack 85 Macon Jaycees & First Christian Church Melinda Jones lmgsjones@gmail.com Macon
Boonslick Pack 68 Midway Heights Elementary  Robert Maltsbarger bob.maltsbarger@ihsmarkit.com Midway 
Black Diamond Pack 93 Milan Elk Lodge #2819 Donald Murphy pm63556@yahoo.com Milan
Grand Prairie Pack 0019 First Church of God Wayne Clark  wclark19@hotmail.com  Moberly
Grand Prairie Pack 205 LDS Moberly Ward - Columbia Stake Michelle Williams pamperedstamper@windstream.net Moberly
Grand Prairie Pack 49 Montgomery City Kiwanas Club Matthew Waite mwaite_emt@hotmail.com Montgomery City; Montgomery City Elem. and Jonesburg Elem.
Grand Prairie Pack 0042 Sportsmans Research & Cultural Arts Foundation Drake Dawson safariunlimited@juno.com New Bloomfield
Grand Prairie Pack 278 Renick PTO Michael Johnson lavalleyh@yahoo.com Renick
Osage Trails Pack 65 First Christian Church Brian Geary sedaliapack65@hotmail.com Sedalia
Five Rivers Pack 25 Knights of Columbus - Westphalia Andrew Bax osagepack25@gmail.com Westphalia
Boonslick  Pack 989- Mikk Creek Elementary  Jeff Coughenour coughenourj@health.missouri.edu Columbia; Mill Creek Elem. 
Boonslick  Pack 134 - Ashland Optimist Club Robert Loseman losemanr@health.missouri.edu Ashland 

Here is a master list of all of the School Nights to Join Scouting as of 8/22/2017

 Find a pack near you here! 

Online Registration Notes For Units:
Unit Key 3 (Committee Chair, Unit Leader [Cubmaster, Scoutmaster, Venturing Advisor], and Chartering Organization Representative received this email on 5/23/2017, this one on 5/30/17, and this one on 6/6/17 informing them to create/edit their My.Scouting account, configure their Online Registration Tool and Unit PIN. Formal trainings on online registrations are forthcoming at each of the School Night to Join Scouting Kickoffs in July! 

Here is the district that you will be in and when the School Night to Join Scouting will be in your area this fall. You should recieve a flyer inviting you to get signed up as long as your school district allows flyers to be sent either hard copy or electronic. 
District (Counties) School Night to Join Scouting
Kinderhook District (Morgan, Miller, and Camden) 
Grand Prairie District (W. Monroe, Randolph, Callaway, Audrain, Montgomery, Pike)
Tue. Aug. 29
Boonslick District (Cooper, Boone, Howard) Thu. Aug. 31
Five Rivers District (Cole, Osage, Gasconade, Moniteau, and Maries)
Osage Trails Districts (Chariton, Saline, Pettis, and Benton)
Thu. Sep. 7
Mark Twain District (Ralls, Lewis, E. Monroe, and Marion)
Black Diamond District (Schuyler, Sullivan, Putnam, Adair, Scotland, Knox, Linn, Macon, and Shelby)
Various Dates

Lion Pilot Program

Packs typically serve boys in the 1st-5th grade. The following packs are piloting a kindergarten program called Lions. For contact information for each of these locations contact bryon.haverstick@scouting.org.
Additional Packs will be adding this pilot program for the fall of 2017.   

Pack 19 (Moberly), 180 (Queen City), 401 and 404 (Kirksville), and 278 (Renick)

Packs 134 (Ashland) and 2, 6, 58, 257, 700, 909, 708, and 733 (Columbia)

Pack 553, 57 (Mexico)

Packs 3, 17, 333 (Jefferson City)

Packs 34 (Warsaw), 33 (Lincoln), and 54 and 65 (Sedalia)

Packs 14 (Eldon), 21 (Lake Ozark), 232 (Osage Beach, and 229 (Camdenton)

Pack 107 (Bowling Green), 181 (Hannibal)