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Activity Bead Program

Scouts in Great Rivers Council, get earn colored beads every time they go camping. Beads and the coup can be purchased at the Scout Shop.

Color Meaning
Blue Good Weather
Black Rain
White Snow on the activity
Purple Below freezing
Clear Below zero
Red Full week of summer camp 
Yellow Any district activity
Light Blue Any Council activity, except summer camp (this would include Conclaves) 
Pink Order of the Arrow Ordeal weekend
Orange National or Regional event (except high adventure)  
Green Philmont
Brown Any other High Adventure Base  
Green Marble Council JLT 
Boots HIKE with Blue: Good Weather Black: Rain White: Snow 
Canoes WATER TRIP with Blue: Good Weather Black: Rain White: Snow
Stars Special beads at discretion of organizer/PLC

Some notes about beads:

  • Light Blue can be used for OA Conclaves, training weekends, Starkenburg, etc.
  • Those who organize district, council, and high adventure trips are encouraged to supply the proper color been to all participants as part of their fees.
  • It is *encouraged* that one pair of beads be given per activity. Some units may elect to give one bead per night, however this is not the official policy of the Lodge.
  • Beads are to be given for ANY troop activities, i.e. Campouts, Service Projects, Day Hikes, etc.
  • The COLOR to be given for each activity, if more than one is possible, is at the discretion of the PLC. Cords are sold only as a set with the Totem.