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Child Abuse Reporting


The Boy Scouts requires immediate notification of the Scout executive whenever information about possible child abuse in the Boy Scout program is uncovered.  The current policy for after-hours notifications is to wait until the next business day and call the Scout office in Columbia at 573-449-2561 x206.

The Scout executive will ensure that all state reporting requirements have been met and will also take measures to protect the youth in the Scouting movement.

If an immediate report is to be made due to extreme urgency, a contact to the Division of Family Services should be made: 800-392-3738. The council should be contacted by leaving a message on the voice mail of Scout executive Doug Callahan at extension 206.


The law says any person having reasonable cause to believe that a child has been subjected to child abuse or acts of child abuse shall report this information immediately to the Division of Family Services (DFS).

This agency accepts all allegations of child abuse and neglect by telephone and in person from all sources, including identified sources, news media, anonymous sources, sources that have incomplete information, and referrals from the child or parent themselves.

Upon receiving a report of child abuse or neglect, a DFS caseworker shall investigate the allegations and take such action as is necessary to ensure the safety of the child.

Immunity from Civil or Criminal Liabilty

Any person who, pursuant to the law, reports abuse and neglect or testifies in a child abuse hearing resulting from such a report is immune from any criminal or civil liability as a result of such action.

For further information please refer to http://www.dss.mo.gov/cd/rptcan.htm